SuperQ Backup and Restore Procedure

SuperQ Backup and Restore Procedure

Backing up and Restoring SuperQ
Date:                    June 13, 2008
Subject:               How to backup and Restore SuperQ 5.0A and 5.2
Distribution:        All Dealers
Doc Type:           Tech Note
Release:              5.2   
Scope:                 5.0A and 5.2
Application:         SuperQ
Hardware:           N/A
Keywords:           SuperQ, Backup, Restore, System Data Management
Obsolete:             No


This document covers creating a backup of your 5.0A or 5.2 SuperQ configuration, and steps for restoring that backup to another SuperQ system.

All SuperQ configurations are stored in one file: Repository.xml
This configuration file is stored in the following Directory: C:\Program files\AltiGen\SuperQ\SuperQ\

To restore your SuperQ server configuration perform the following steps:
1. Stop the AltiGen Java Service. The service name is AltiGen JService Loader service.

2. Backup the existing file on the current SuperQ Server. The Filename is "Repository.xml"

3. On the new or rebuilt server stop the AltiGen Java Service. Replace the existing Repository.xml file with the copy backed up from step 1.

4. Start the SuperQ Service.

If you would like to backup/restore "Current" CDR data, here are those steps:
1. Stop the SuperQ Service on the existing SuperQ server. Backup the current SuperQ CDR file "SuperQCDR.mdb" (Default Installation location: C:\Program files\AltiGen\SuperQ\SuperQ)

2. Stop the SuperQ Service on the NEW SuperQ server. Restore the "SuperQCDR.mdb" file from step 1 to the SuperQ folder. Overwrite the existing file. (Assumes new server has not been used, therefore no data currently exists.)

3. Start the SuperQ Service.


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