Unable to configure T1 board for PRI or E1

Unable to configure T1 board for PRI or E1 Symptom:

In some rare cases, it is possible for a T1 board to get "stuck" on T1/CAS. You will be able to change the protocol to regular ISDN/PRI, but once the services are stopped and restarted to apply the change, the board is automatically set back to T1/CAS. You may also see a scenario with MAX1000 chassis where the E1 option is not available in the board type dropdown.

To resolve this issue, we will be recreating some of the board configuration files. We recommend creating a full backup of your AltiGen configuration before continuing. Also, please take note of the configurations for all Triton or Max boards installed in the system, they will need to be reconfigured after following these steps.

1. Shutdown the AltiGen services using the AltiGen Service Utility.
2. Browse to C:\altiserv\sp\triton.
3. Make a backup of all of the .xml files in that folder.
4. Delete the .xml files in that folder.
5. Restart AltiGen services using the AltiGen Service Utility.
6. Configure your T1 board for ISDN/PRI, or E1 depending on your scenario.
7. Restart switching again to apply the change and check to make sure the problem is resolved.

Screenshot of the file types you will be deleting:

Note: The screenshot shows the types of files to delete. You may have fewer or more .xml files than what is shown depending on your configuration. Don't delete the other files in the folder (if there are any there), only the .xml files.

If these steps do not resolve your board issue, please contact Technical Support and open a case. Remote Access may be needed to troubleshoot.


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