Enabling and Collecting Traces

AltiGen phone systems are capable of keeping very detailed trace logs which can be very helpful in isolating and troubleshooting. The trace logs must be enabled manually from AltiAdmin, but once enabled they can typically be left running indefinitely. This document will step you through enabling traces and proper trace collection procedure to ensure your issue is addressed as quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

Enabling Traces:

1. Login to AltiAdmin using the password "jazzy" without the quotations.

2. The password dialogue box will pop up a second time, this time use your normal AltiAdmin password.

3. Now go to Diagnostic -> Trace on the top menu in AltiAdmin. This will launch the Trace Filter window.

4. Once there, click the Turn All Trace ON button

Collecting the traces:

5. Now that the traces are running, you will need to reproduce the issue or wait for it to occur again so we have a complete example logged.

6. Once you have recreated the issue or your client notifies you that the problem has happened again, login to admin, go to Diagnostic -> Trace Collect.

7. When running a trace collection, accurate and complete information is vital or Technical Support may be unable to properly review the traces. A case number is always required, below that is the description field where you can describe the problem. We will typically look for these pieces of information in your trace description: time, extension(s) involved, Caller ID, and details on what the problem was. Below the problem description is the time range which allows the trace collector to extract only the log files containing data within your specified time range.

8.  Once you have completed the necessary fields and verified the input, press the Start Collecting button.
    Note: For longer timeframe trace collections and/or a very active system with quite a bit of trace data, the collection may take several minutes. If it appears to have stopped at about 90% done, please be patient, this is common and does not usually indicate that your collection has timed out.

9. Once your trace has been collected, it will appear in the Bottom portion of the window under Collected Trace Packages. Highlight your new trace file and click Upload Package to FTP. The Company and Customer names fields are optional.

10. Once your trace package has been uploaded, please update your case via the dealer site at http://dealer.altigen.com or call in to Technical Support to notify us that the trace has been uploaded.

11. If you have any issues with the Trace Upload, you can try retyping the password which is "Upl0ad" without the quotations. If that still fails, you can access our FTP directly and manually upload the file here:

    Username: dealerup
    Password: Upl0ad


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