Unable to load VRM Admin

Unable to load VRM Admin

"cannot connect to server" error when starting VRMAdmin 5.2

VRM is not pulling recordings from the recording directory. AltiGen JservicesLoader cannot be started. Receive "cannot connect to server" error when starting VRMAdmin. The VRM Configuration may have been corrupted.

On the VRM server: Delete the VRMServ.cfg folder in C:\Program Files\AltiGen\VRManager. Now you should be able to start the Jserviceloader service. Once the serives has started, the VRMServ.cfg folder will be recreated with a fresh blank configuration. You will need to reconfigure VRM.


Note: Please double check the storage folder when reconfiguring VRM Admin. If you select a different folder for storage then the system was using previously, your client will only have access to new recordings until this is corrected.


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5th of April, 2010

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