Copying Auto Attendants in 6.0

Copying Auto Attendants in 6.0 Introduction:

In AltiWare 6.0, you can now duplicate your auto attendants. In previous versions, each attendant had to be configured manually. This new feature should help reduce the time needed to setup multiple similar Auto Attendants. This document gives a brief walkthrough on using the new featrure.


How to copy an Auto Attendant in Altiware 6.0


1. Highlight the Auto Attendant ID that will be the new AA.




2. Click the Copy From button.

3. In the drop down menu, select the Auto Attendant that will be copied from.




4. Press the OK button.

5. Press Yes to save the changes.




6. The Main AA has now been copied from ID1 to ID2.







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5th of April, 2010

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