AltiTouch 390 Intercom feature (Tech Note)

AltiTouch 390 Intercom feature (Tech Note)

AltiGen Tech Note
Date:                 02-18-2002
Subject:            AltiTouch 390 Intercom Feature
Distribution:     All Dealers   
Doc Type:        Tech Note   
Release:           N/A
Scope:              N/A 
Application:      N/A 
Hardware:         AltiTouch 390
Keywords:        AltiTouch, 390, Sayson, Aastra, Obsolete
Obsolete:          Yes

Symptoms: Phone does not disconnect after using the Intercom feature.



Resolution (Permanent):

1. Login to AltiWare Administrator.
2. Go to Extension Configuration.
3. Select Line Properties in the General tab for the extension(s) affected.
4. Change Loop Current Break Duration to 750 (default is 600).
5. Select OK.
6. Perform a test to verify line disconnects after using the intercom feature.

390 Phone



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