Call Recording Restrictions (Tech note)

Call Recording Restrictions (Tech note)

AltiGen Tech Note
Date:                 11-22-2005
Subject:             Extension based recording, permissions and restrictions
Distribution:      All Dealers
Doc Type:         Tech Note
Release:            5.0A
Scope:               5.0A
Application:       AltiView, AltiAgent, IPTalk
Hardware:          N/A
Keywords:          Extension, Based, Call, Recording, Permissions 
Obsolete:           No

Recording Permissions and Restrictions:

The option to record calls to voice mail from a personal extension is a feature of the AltiGen system that uses Triton Analog, T1/E1, or an IP board. With the proper number of recording seat licenses, calls in AltiContact Manager can also be recorded to a centralized location. This includes extension or workgroup calls.

Recordings can be initiated from:


The IP phone

AltiView in a non-workgroup configuration

AltiClient in a workgroup configuration. AltiClient includes AltiAgent and AltiSupervisor.


When voice recording is enabled at both the extension and workgroup level, the workgroup voice recording settings control workgroup calls; extension voice recording settings control direct extension calls. The following table lists


Extension and workgroup call recording settings in AltiAdmin/ACM Admin

Permissions/restrictions on recording with each setting




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