Changing the Extension Length on an AltiWare System

Changing the Extension Length on an AltiWare System

How to Change the Extension Length on an AltiWare System
Date:                    January  27, 2009
Subject:               How to Change the Extension Length on an AltiWare System
Distribution:        All Dealers
Doc Type:           Tech Note
Release:              5.2 
Scope:                 5.2 - 6.0
Application:         AltiAdmin
Hardware:           N/A
Keywords:           Extension, Length, Number, Plan, Change 
Obsolete:             No

This document covers changing the extension length on AltiWare versions 5.2 and above. Extension length must be between 3 and 6 digits.
If the system is a member of a multi-site domain, you must set the server back to standalone before changing the extension length.


1. You must first delete ALL of the extensions that are already configured on the system. This includes application extensions, workgroups and huntgroups.


2. Once this is done, go to the Number Plan tab under System -> System Configuration and change the Extension Number Length to the desired length.


Manual extension deletion:
If you find that you are unable to change the extension length, it means that not all of the extensions have been deleted. To delete all of the extensions manually, you can run this utility:


Click on the green connect icon, once connected you will see a screen similar to the image below:


1. Expand the "Ext" and then the "Gen" link.
2. You will see a list of extensions that still remain in the database.
3. Right click on each extension and choose "Delete entry from LDAP"
4. Once all of the extension shave been deleted, you should now be able to go back into the Number Plan tab and change the extension length, recreate your extensions and rejoin the server to the VoIP domain.


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