Field Alert #270 MAX2000 hard drive information

AltiGen Field Alert #120
Date:   3/8/2010
Subject   Max2000 hard drive information

Accusys StorConn RAID management software occasionally reports drives as failed, when in fact they are working properly. This field alert explains the issue and tells you what to do if StorConn reports a drive as failed.

We’ve occasionally received reports that the Accusys StorConn RAID management software reports a drive as failed. Upon further investigation, including detailed analysis of multiple hard drives returned to our RMA department, we’ve determined the drives are working properly. After comprehensive internal testing, we’ve seen that the StorConn software is occasionally reporting failures on drives that are functioning normally.
To address this issue, we tested additional hard drives to find a model that did not cause StorConn to report false errors. The model selected is a 320GB Maxtor hard drive. All MAX2000 units that are revision A5 and above are shipping with 320GB Maxtor hard drives. The revision can be seen in the serial number, which is printed on a sticker on the right side of each chassis. The format is xxxxAxxxxxxxxx. An example of an A5 revision chassis:
If a revision A4 or earlier MAX2000 is reporting a failed drive, the first step is to remove and reseat the drive while the system is running. If another failure is reported on the same drive after the array has finished rebuilding, please contact Technical Support Operations by opening a case online at, or by calling 888-ALTIGEN, option 5. An advance replacement RMA will be opened and we will ship two 320GB Maxtor drives for installation in the MAX2000. Since both drives will be replaced, the system will need to be reimaged using a new image. TSO will provide instructions and a download location for the new images when an RMA is opened.


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21st of June, 2010

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