Field Alert #273: External Logger and SQL 2008 Support

This field alert provides the latest information for SQL 2008 support.
External Logger is now supported when connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database.
The compatibility chart below lists the MAXCS, Microsoft SQL, and Windows versions supported with a particular version of ELS. Please note that at this time ELS is not supported connecting back to Microsoft SQL “Express” installations – a full version of SQL must be installed. SQL Express 2008 support is scheduled for availability in 6.5 Update 1. 

External Logger version

MAXCS version

MSSQL server

Windows (32-bit only)

2000, 2005

Server 2000, 2003 –

2000, 2005

Server 2000, 2003 –

2000, 2005, 2008

Server 2000, 2003, 2008


AltiGen Field Alert #273
Date:  3/29/2010
Subject:  External Logger and SQL 2008 Support


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Last Updated
6th of May, 2010

6.0 , 6.5

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