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  1. History of Updates to MaxCSHistory of Updates to MaxCS [Article]
    This document provides details on the features that have been added to MaxCS since Release 6.0, through Release 8.6. Enhancements in Release 8.6
  2. License bundles in MaxCS CloudLicense bundles in MaxCS Cloud [Article]
    Updated 5/16/18: Base Server license includes Enterprise Manager license; PBX User bundle includes Exchange Integration license Updated 8/15/16: Added licenses to the Agen
  3. Updating JRE for AltiReport (MAXCS 8.5 and later)Updating JRE for AltiReport (MAXCS 8.5 and later) [Article]
    Thsi article provides instructions for upgrading JRE 8 for AltiReport MAXCS 8.5 and later. AltiReport 8.5 comes with a default 64-bit JRE 8. If there is a need to upgrade to the latest 64-bi
  4. AppNote: AltiReportAppNote: AltiReport [Article]
    What is it? AltiReport is a Web-based reporting application that can generate 45 detailed reports, according to agent, workgroup, and DNIS. Both report summari
  5. AppNote: External Logger Service (ELS)AppNote: External Logger Service (ELS) [Article]
    What is it? External Logger Service (ELS) enables MAXCS to send Call Detail Records (CDR) to a system running Microsoft SQL server. By default, MAXCS logs CDR
  6. MaxCS Private Cloud Upgrade PolicyMaxCS Private Cloud Upgrade Policy [Article]
    It is the goal of AltiGen Communication’s Cloud Operations group to make sure that software running on hosted servers is kept properly up to date. To this end, AltiGen is creating this policy
  7. First Name/Last Name fieldsFirst Name/Last Name fields [Article]
    First Name and Last Name fields cannot have the following characters: ",',/,\,<,>,@ Please keep to using only letters. Otherwise, this will cause the altige
  8. OS Matrix OS Matrix [Article]
    2000 32bit
  9. Service Level and Service Level ThresholdService Level and Service Level Threshold [Article]
    Introduction In order to measure workgroup call handling efficiency, it is important to define parameters for expected queue time limits. It is very common that what may be an acceptable
  10. Temporary LicensesTemporary Licenses [Article]
    Temporary licenses are issued on as as-needed basis by TSO. The licenses are delivered in an EXCTL file that can be easily applied to your MAXCS system. Depending on the situation, the licenses will b...
  11. Field Alert #273:  External Logger and SQL 2008 SupportField Alert #273: External Logger and SQL 2008 Support [Article]
    This field alert provides the latest information for SQL 2008 support. External Logger is now supported when connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database. The
  12. MS OCS 2007 and MAXCS Integration Guide.pdfMS OCS 2007 and MAXCS Integration Guide.pdf [Attachment in Microsoft OCS 2007 and MAXCS Integration Guide]
    MS S O CS C S 2 007 0 7 & M AX A CS In I tegrati t o i n Guide d In I t n egrat a e M ic i ro r so s f o t f O f O f f i f c i e C omm m u m nic i a c t a io i n\
  13. 6.0 Upgrade Guidelines.pdf6.0 Upgrade Guidelines.pdf [Attachment in MAX Communications Server 6.0 Upgrade Guidelines]
    Microsoft Word - 6.0 Upgrade Guideline - July 2008.doc MAX Communication Server 6.0 Upgrade Guidelines MAX Communication Server Release 6.0 Upgrade Guidelines Intended audience: AltiGen Authorized Dea
  14. AltiGen Password Change UtilityAltiGen Password Change Utility [Article]
    The AltiPassword change utility (C:\AltiServ\Exe\AltiPwdC
  15. AppNote: MaxCommunicator/MaxAgentAppNote: MaxCommunicator/MaxAgent [Article]
    What is it? MaxCommunicator is call management software for the general desktop PC user. MaxCommunicator users can access, configure, and
  16. AppNote: MaxInSightAppNote: MaxInSight [Article]
    What: AltiGen MaxInSight is a workgroup performance application. It provides call center managers and agents with the ability to track workgroup status and per
  17. AppNote: MaxSupervisorAppNote: MaxSupervisor [Article]
    What is it? MaxSupervisor is PC desktop software that runs with the MAX Communication Server (MAXCS) ACC and MAXCS ACM systems. Using MaxSupervisor,
  18. Advanced Call Router - lookup by phone number or ZIP codeAdvanced Call Router - lookup by phone number or ZIP code [Article]
    5.2 Advanced Call Router
  19. AppNote: Voice Recording Manager (VRM)AppNote: Voice Recording Manager (VRM) [Article]
    What is it? VRManager enables calls recorded on a MAXCS server via Centralized Recording, to be converted to WAV format and indexed on a seperate server. The
  20. Using Advanced Call Router with SQLUsing Advanced Call Router with SQL [Article]
    Introduction AltiGen's Advanced Call Router (ACR) is an add on application that can be used to provide a higher level of granularity for inbound call routing than standard DNIS and
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