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  1. OS Matrix OS Matrix [Article]
    2000 32bit
  2. Class 2 PoE ModulesClass 2 PoE Modules [Article]
    Class 2 PoE Modules Now Shipping Class
  3. Netfilter and NIC settings on Max5000Netfilter and NIC settings on Max5000 [Article]
    The AltiGen Netfilter is what is responsible for assigning DiffServ/ToS and 802.1p QoS data to the voice packets from the server. AltiGen's QA department has found that enabling the AltiGen
  4. TCP Port 69 - TFTPTCP Port 69 - TFTP [Article]
    TCP port 69 is used for TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol). AltiGen IP phones use this protocol to download firmware updates from a TFTP server. AltiGen provides a lightweight TFTP se
  5. Trunk Board TroubleshootingTrunk Board Troubleshooting [Article]
    Trunk Board Troubleshooting
  6. Extension Board TroubleshootingExtension Board Troubleshooting [Article]
    Introduction: This guide covers troubleshooting steps for AltiGen extension boards. Refer to the
  7. Remote IP Phone Quick Start GuideRemote IP Phone Quick Start Guide [Article]
    Introduction: Setting up remote IP phones is fairly straightforward, but not all of the configuration is intuitive. This document should be sufficient to get remote IP phone
  8. Manual Switch Over instructionsManual Switch Over instructions [Article]
    September 2010 Introduction The Manual Switch Over feature is primarily used for administrators when the Primary server has swi
  9. Max1000Max1000 [Article]
    The attached Max1000 Quick Installation Guide provides information on the following: * embedded DSPs * access board slots * available boards * equipment and accessories requi
  10. MAX1000 Quick Install Guide.pdfMAX1000 Quick Install Guide.pdf [Attachment in Max1000]
    Slide 1 Introduction System Mounting Options The MAX1000 IP PBX is an all-in-one communication system embedded The MAX1000 is a 19\" rack mountable 2U chassis. It also can be placed with the followi
  11. Manually Copying OCR Data From One System to AnotherManually Copying OCR Data From One System to Another [Article]
    Manually Copying OCR Data From One System to Another Disclaimer: The supported method of adding OCR table entries is still to enter them individually in Admin. This doc
  12. Using the AltiGen Board Test ToolUsing the AltiGen Board Test Tool [Article]
    Introduction The AltiGen Board Test tool (formerly AltiGen Triton Test Tool) is a software application that can be utilized to test memory, DSP, performance of AltiGen Max, Triton, and Pro
  13. Skill Based RoutingSkill Based Routing [Article]
    Introduction Both MaxACD and MaxCS ACM allow for workgroup skill based routing. This feature allows for configuration of a single workgroup that can be used to route callers to age
  14. Using Advanced Call Router with SQLUsing Advanced Call Router with SQL [Article]
    Introduction AltiGen's Advanced Call Router (ACR) is an add on application that can be used to provide a higher level of granularity for inbound call routing than standard DNIS and
  15. AltiGen SIP-Trunk Configuration for EToneConnectAltiGen SIP-Trunk Configuration for EToneConnect [Article]
  16. T1-E1-PRIT1-E1-PRI [Article]
    A T1 circuit is a dedicated circuit and is always composed of two parts: the local loop and the carrier circuit. The local loop is physically provided by the local telephone company and the carrier
  17. System Key is not detectedSystem Key is not detected [Article]
    Issue: System key is not detected.
  18. Voice Mail Troubleshooting GuideVoice Mail Troubleshooting Guide [Article]
    Below are some common problems associated with voicemail and things to check: A) Voicemail not being delivered Check AV/fil
  19. Aastra IP Phone Configuration GuideAastra IP Phone Configuration Guide [Article]
    Introduction Aastra IP phones 6753i, 6755i, 6757i, 6757i-CT, and 6731i have been tested with MAXCS and certified by AltiGen as third-party IP phones for MAXCS Release 6.5 and above. This
  20. Extension-Based Outgoing Trunk GroupingExtension-Based Outgoing Trunk Grouping [Article]
    Extension Based Outgoing Trun
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