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  1. Uploading to AltiGen's FTP site from the Windows command shellUploading to AltiGen's FTP site from the Windows command shell [Article]
    The easiest way to upload traces to AltiGen Technical Support is to use the Trace Collection utility that is built in to MaxCS, or to attach the traces directly to the case on the AltiGen Partner we
  2. Using Dumpcap for longterm packet captures.Using Dumpcap for longterm packet captures. [Article]
    Dumpcap (dumpcap.exe) is the actual packet capture executable that is included with Wireshak. Where as Wireshark is a GUI tool that will display the packets collected and analyze their content, dump
  3. Toggling RTM from Multicast to Unicast in MaxSupervisorToggling RTM from Multicast to Unicast in MaxSupervisor [Article]
    Background: MaxSupervisor can retreieve workgroup statistics from AltiGen's RTM (Real Time Monitoring) in one of two modes: UDP (Multicast), or TCP (Unicast). If the server and
  4. Field Alert #271  -  Windows Updates Recommended Setting Field Alert #271 - Windows Updates Recommended Setting [Article]
    This field alert describes the recommended setting for Windows Updates. All current versions of Microsoft Windows include an OS update utility – Windows Upd
  5. Skill Based RoutingSkill Based Routing [Article]
    Introduction Both MaxACD and MaxCS ACM allow for workgroup skill based routing. This feature allows for configuration of a single workgroup that can be used to route callers to age
  6. Field Alert #270 MAX2000 hard drive informationField Alert #270 MAX2000 hard drive information [Article]
    AltiGen Field Alert #120 Date: 3/8/2010 Subject Max2000 hard drive information
  7. Field Alert #272:  AltiGen Spare Parts StockingField Alert #272: AltiGen Spare Parts Stocking [Article]
    AltiGen Partners should always maintain spares for hardware troubleshooting and to be able to respond quickly to hardware failures. The minimum suggested spares levels are as follows. Chassis Type &