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  1. History of Updates to MaxCSHistory of Updates to MaxCS [Article]
    This document provides details on the features that have been added to MaxCS since Release 6.0, through Release 8.6. Enhancements in Release 8.6
  2. AltiGen Password Change UtilityAltiGen Password Change Utility [Article]
    The AltiPassword change utility (C:\AltiServ\Exe\AltiPwdC
  3. Configuring and Troubleshooting SMTP ForwardingConfiguring and Troubleshooting SMTP Forwarding [Article]
    Configuring and Troubleshooting SMTP Forwarding
  4. Using the Exchange Server as a mail relayUsing the Exchange Server as a mail relay [Article]
    When pointing the SMTP server to the Exchange 2010 mail server you ge
  5. Voice Mail Troubleshooting GuideVoice Mail Troubleshooting Guide [Article]
    Below are some common problems associated with voicemail and things to check: A) Voicemail not being delivered Check AV/fil
  6. 6.5 Update1 Feature Matrix6.5 Update1 Feature Matrix [Article]
    PBX FeaturesACC 6.5ACM 6.5 PBX Switching, Routing, and Feature Codes YES YES P
  7. Using Wireshark to capture packets for AltiwareUsing Wireshark to capture packets for Altiware [Article]
  8. 6.0 Upgrade Guidelines.pdf6.0 Upgrade Guidelines.pdf [Attachment in MAX Communications Server 6.0 Upgrade Guidelines]
    Microsoft Word - 6.0 Upgrade Guideline - July 2008.doc MAX Communication Server 6.0 Upgrade Guidelines MAX Communication Server Release 6.0 Upgrade Guidelines Intended audience: AltiGen Authorized Dea