UK Caller ID Display with a leading 0

For customers in the UK

Inbound calls to PSTN trunks in the UK may not include the long distance prefix digit (0).   

For example, the number may look like 207771234. This implementation adds a 0 in front of caller ID if the first digit of the caller ID is not 0. Caller ID will be shown on the IP phone and client application as 0207771234 for the number 207771234.

1. MAXCS version or higher is required. As of 7/22/2010, the 513 release is in field trial. Contact AltiGen TSO for availability.

2. Add registry key AddZeroToCID in DWORD to “AltiGen Communications, Inc.\AltiWare” branch. The value should be set to 1.

3. System restart is needed for the registry change.


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22nd of July, 2010


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