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  1. MaxMobile Troubleshooting GuideMaxMobile Troubleshooting Guide [Article]
    MaxMobile Troubleshooting Tips This document will discuss common troubleshooting steps for the MaxMobile smartphon
  2. AltiGen Password Change UtilityAltiGen Password Change Utility [Article]
    The AltiPassword change utility (C:\AltiServ\Exe\AltiPwdC
  3. Softswitch: Call recording using ftp to facilitate file transfer for VRMSoftswitch: Call recording using ftp to facilitate file transfer for VRM [Article]
    If your system has a multi-chassis configuration and the gatew
  4. Unattended Installation of Max Clients via Group PolicyUnattended Installation of Max Clients via Group Policy [Article]
  5. AppNote: MaxCommunicator/MaxAgentAppNote: MaxCommunicator/MaxAgent [Article]
    What is it? MaxCommunicator is call management software for the general desktop PC user. MaxCommunicator users can access, configure, and
  6. AppNote: MaxInSightAppNote: MaxInSight [Article]
    What: AltiGen MaxInSight is a workgroup performance application. It provides call center managers and agents with the ability to track workgroup status and per
  7. AppNote: MaxSupervisorAppNote: MaxSupervisor [Article]
    What is it? MaxSupervisor is PC desktop software that runs with the MAX Communication Server (MAXCS) ACC and MAXCS ACM systems. Using MaxSupervisor,
  8. AppNote: AltiReportAppNote: AltiReport [Article]
    What is it? AltiReport is a Web-based reporting application that can generate 45 detailed reports, according to agent, workgroup, and DNIS. Both report summari
  9. AppNote: Voice Recording Manager (VRM)AppNote: Voice Recording Manager (VRM) [Article]
    What is it? VRManager enables calls recorded on a MAXCS server via Centralized Recording, to be converted to WAV format and indexed on a seperate server. The
  10. AppNote: External Logger Service (ELS)AppNote: External Logger Service (ELS) [Article]
    What is it? External Logger Service (ELS) enables MAXCS to send Call Detail Records (CDR) to a system running Microsoft SQL server. By default, MAXCS logs CDR
  11. Configuration Configuration Guide [Article]
    The following document is from's website, and should be considered to be the correct documentation for configuring an AltiGen server with SIP trunks. Note that conf
  12. Performance Matrix for MaxCS 6.5Performance Matrix for MaxCS 6.5 [Article]
    The attached .pdf provides the performance specs for 6.5 MaxCommunications Server. Included is the Office 3G-R4 chassis.
  13. Softswitch upgrade procedures to upgrade procedures to [Article]
    Standard Upgrade procedures with full shutdown of all servers: 1. If you have a redundant server, restart the inactive/secondary server, if not, proceed to step 2. Aft
  14. Handling AltiGen SNMP Traps Using Net-SNMPHandling AltiGen SNMP Traps Using Net-SNMP [Article]
    Handling AltiGen SNMP Traps Using Net-SNMP SNMP Trap messages are supported starting with MaxCommunications Server version 6.5. Using an SNMPv3 agent, MAXCS sends SNMP traps to the mana
  15. Disabling SIP user agent filter for unsupported 3rd party SIP devicesDisabling SIP user agent filter for unsupported 3rd party SIP devices [Article]
    Introduction: If you are having issues registering or connecting calls on an unsupported 3rd Party SIP device, it may be due to the SIP User Agent Filter built into MaxCS. The filter prevents t
  16. OS Matrix OS Matrix [Article]
    2000 32bit
  17. Backing up Advanced Call Router RulesBacking up Advanced Call Router Rules [Article]
    Backing up the rules in Advanced Call Router All rules are stored in this directory: C:\Program Files\AltiGen\Advanced CallRouter\Callrouter.mdb To backup the rules: 1. &
  18. Netfilter and NIC settings on Max5000Netfilter and NIC settings on Max5000 [Article]
    The AltiGen Netfilter is what is responsible for assigning DiffServ/ToS and 802.1p QoS data to the voice packets from the server. AltiGen's QA department has found that enabling the AltiGen
  19. Uploading to AltiGen's FTP site from the Windows command shellUploading to AltiGen's FTP site from the Windows command shell [Article]
    The easiest way to upload traces to AltiGen Technical Support is to use the Trace Collection utility that is built in to MaxCS, or to attach the traces directly to the case on the AltiGen Partner we
  20. Using Dumpcap for longterm packet captures.Using Dumpcap for longterm packet captures. [Article]
    Dumpcap (dumpcap.exe) is the actual packet capture executable that is included with Wireshak. Where as Wireshark is a GUI tool that will display the packets collected and analyze their content, dump
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