ADTRAN 644 NetVanta Configuration for MaxCS 7.5

This article describes how to configure an ADTRAN 644 gateway as a T1 PRI trunk to MaxCS Release 7.5. During these instructions, you will edit a default configuration file that has been provided by AltiGen. This configuration file, adtranpri2.cfg, is attached to this article in the AltiGen Knowledgebase.


  • The server must be running MaxCS Release 7.5
  • Your device must be an ADTRAN NetVanta model 644

Configuration Steps - MaxAdministrator

The MaxCS SIP Trunks should match the number of PRI trunks on your ADTRAN device. For example, 46 PRI channels should be configured as 46 SIP Trunk channels in MaxCS.

These steps assume that you are familiar with MaxAdministrator.
  1. Open MaxCS Administrator and choose PBX > Trunk Configuration.
  2. Add a new SIP trunk, naming it ADTRAN. Set the trunk's SIP Protocol field to From Header.
  3. Configure the SIP Trunk's parameters as follows:
  4. sip_trunk_params.png

  5. Open Enterprise Manager. Click Codec on the top toolbar. Add an ADTRAN codec profile.
  6. Add an IP Codec for the ADTRAN gateway's IP Address. 
  7. ip_codec.png

Configuration Steps - Adtran Configuration Tool

  1. Unpack and set up your AdTran device according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Open the default configuration file from AltiGen, adtranpri2.cfg, in Notepad or some other basic text editing application. This file is attached to the article in the AltiGen Knowledgebase (
  3. In the file, change the default login username and password for the Adtran configuration tool on the following line:
    • username “test” password “Altigen1234!”
  4. In the file, on this line, replace the placeholder IP address with the IP address and subnet mask of your Adtran device:
    • ip address
  5. On the following lines, replace the placeholder addresses with your first and second gateway routes:
    • ip route
    • ip route
  6. On the following line, replace the placeholder IP address with the IP address of your MaxCS server:
    • sip-server primary
  7. Save the file as a configuration file instead of a text file: Choose File > Save As. Select .cfg. Assign an intuitive name, such as adtranpri.cfg.
  8. Log into the Adtran configuration tool – refer to your Adtran documentation for the correct URL.
  9. In the menus, select Utilities > Configuration. Click Choose File and upload your edited configuration file. Click the Upload button.
  10. A message will prompt you to reboot and close the configuration tool. After a few minutes, log back into the configuration tool.
  11. To verify the configuration, place outbound calls and make inbound calls.


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