MaxAdmin Fails to Start After Upgrading to 6.5


After upgrading to 6.5, it is not possible to connect to MaxAdmin.  MaxAdmin hangs at connecting, and none of the view windows populate with any information.  AltiGen services will have started, but switching will not function.  This problem will also occur if "Maximum Number of Extensions" exceeds 99 in the Mobile Extension configuration in MaxAdmin 6.5.


The following work around can be used to reduce the configured number of mobile extension ports to allow switching to start and login to MaxAdmin.  This will not correct the underlying problem limiting the number of mobile extensions to 99.


The number of configured mobile extensions is stored in the .xml file C:AltiServSPMobileSPSpanMOBL00.  The value is stored between the ChannelsCount tags.  Changing this value to 99 and restarting switching will allow switching to function, and allow logins to MaxAdmin.  For example if 101 extensions are configured, the config file will have a section that  looks like this:


Change the file to look like this:


After making this change, restart switching.


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15th of April, 2010

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