TCP and UDP port 5060 and UDP port 10060 - SIP

SIP (Session Initiation Protcol) is a signalling protocol that is used to control (among other things) VoIP phone calls.  Starting in 2007 with the release of AltiWare 5.1, SIP repleaced h.323 as th primary signalling used by MaxCS.

MaxCS listens for SIP messages on both the IANA defined standard SIP port of 5060, as well as port 10060.  Although MaxCS listens for TCP and UDP on both port numbers, TCP connections are only supported to Microsoft Exchange (and in the case of MaxACD, Microsoft Lync).

As a general rule of thumb, port 5060 is used for connections to 3rd party SIP phones, and for SIP trunks.  Port 10060 is used for SIP messaging with AltiGen IP phones and tie trunks between MaxCS systems. 

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