Field Alert #038 AltiTouch Plus Phone Feature Overview

AltiTouch Plus Phone Feature Overview (Field Alert)

AltiGen Field Alert # 38

Date:††††††††††††††† October 12, 2001

Subject:††††††††††† AltiTouch Plus Phone Feature Overview

Distribution:††††† All Dealers††††††

Release:†††††††††† AltiWare 4.0a

Application:†††††† N/A

Hardware:†††††††† Handsets

Keywords:†††††††† AltiTouch Plus, AltiTouch, Handsets, Handset, Aastra, Sayson, 390, 480, 390e, 480e, 38, FA38

Obsolete:††††††††† Yes

AltiTouch Plus Overview:

Thee AltiTouch Plus phone is a new offering for the AltiGen system. This is a result of our continuing efforts to bring the highest feature set to the Desktop at an affordable price.By continuing to enhance the tight integration of the telephone set with the AltiServ Converged Telephone Systems, the AltiTouch Plus phone adds additional features to the AltiTouch telephone offering.These new features allow users to:

  • Intercom other AltiTouch Plus telephones on the AltiServ System.
  • View and scroll through voicemail similar to AltiView and to choose and listen to specific voice mail with the touch of a soft key
  • View and scroll through parked calls and to choose and answer/pick-up the appropriate call with the touch of a soft key

The current basic 390 phones will still be available and they can be updated to support these new AltiTouch Plus features through Sayson Technologies for a nominal fee.You can purchase new AltiTouch 390and AltiTouch Plus phones through your distribution partner.

The AltiTouch Plus solution is comprised of two components.One is a new software program AltiTouch Plus that resides on the AltiServ system and other is the AltiTouch Plus phone with the appropriate feature drivers.

Why upgrade:

The intercom feature is one of the single most requested features from AltiServ users.The Visual voicemail, scroll and pickup parked calls are features that also allow our resellers to give the AltiGen system more features only formerly available in Digital Proprietary telephones.AltiTouch Plus allows additional phone control to users that do not have AltiView.


Intercom (Intercom: key code: #93)

†††††††† Any phone on the same system can intercom an AltiTouch Plus phone that is connected to an AltiGen PCI extension board (Whitney) by using the #93 feature code.

  • Any AltiTouch Plus phone on the same system can intercom an AltiTouch Plus phone that is connected to an AltiGen PCI extension board (Whitney) by using the intercom Feature Soft Key.
  • Also supported are:

†††††††† IP extension remote or local using #93

†††††††† Quicknet IP extension with analog phone

†††††††† Analog phone, wireless or hardwire

†††††††† When a caller intercoms the AltiTouch Plus phone, it automatically goes into speakerphone mode allowing 2 way conversation

  • When the caller hangs up their phone, the AltiTouch Plus phone automatically hangs up as well.
  • Busy call handling:

†††††††† If the person you are trying to intercom is connected to another call, then the person intercoming will hear a busy tone and a prompt indicating the person is busy and the person being intercommed won't hear a message waiting tone .

†††††††† Intercom to workgroups is not an option

†††††††† Intercom company wide is not an option

†††††††† Only AltiTouch Plus phones will be able to receive intercom calls when connected to a 12-port extension card (Whitney).

†††††††† Only AltiTouch Phones licensed and registered to use the Plus features

Visual Voicemail (VMail+)

†††††††† Visual voicemail lets you see your voicemails on the screen of your AltiTouch plus phone.

†††††††† Scroll through voicemail messages and listen to them in any sequence.

†††††††† Visual access to both new and saved AltiMail Voicemail Messages on the screen of the AltiTouch 390 phone

†††† New Messages log contains:

†††††††† "Play" to play the selected message,

†††††††† "SaveMsg" to save the selected message into your AltiMail Saved Messages box,

†††††††† "Delete" to completely delete a message,

†††††††† "Stop" to stop playing a message,


∑∑†††††††† "Dial" to access dialing options to call back the caller based on the Caller ID number.

†††† Saved Messages log contains:

†††††††† "Play" to play the selected message,

†††††††† "Delete" to completely delete a message

†††††††† "Stop" to stop playing a message,

†††††††† "NewMsgs" to exit out of Saved Messages and access New Messages,

†††††††† "Dial" to access dialing options to call back the caller based on the Caller ID number.

†††††††† View time, date and caller ID of each message.

†††††††† Play, stop, delete and save messages easily with soft keys.

†††††††† Message indication including:

†††††††† ††! Urgent Messages

†††††††† ††n New Messages

†††††††† ††* Retrieved Messages

†††††††† ††h Heard Messages

†††††††† ††f Forwarded Messages

†††††††† Return calls from the voicemail screen.

†††††††† Information on Voicemail messages is 2 screens wide, accessed by arrow keys under the phone's display.

††† Left screen displays:

†††††††† the phone number of caller who left the voice message

†††††††† notification mark "!" or "*", if applicable

†††† Right screen displays:

†††††††† the date the message was left (in Mo/Day/Yr format)

†††††††† the time the message was left (in 24 hour clock format, hour and minutes)

Screen Based Park Pickup (SysPrk+)

†††††††† Visual park pickup shows you all the system parked calls on your system so you can easily retrieve the right call.

†††††††† Information displayed includes park number, caller ID and name, time call was parked, name and number of person that parked the call.


†††††††† Information on System Parked calls is 2 screens wide, access by arrow keys under the phone's display.

†††††††† Left screen displays:

††††††††††† Park Number

††††††††††† Caller ID Number

††††††††††† Time Caller was Parked (in 24 hour clock format, hour and minutes)

†††††††† Right screen displays:

††††††††††† Caller ID Name

††††††††††† Extension Number and Name of who parked the call

††††††††††† Scroll through Parked Calls and select one the following soft keys

†††††††† "Pickup" to pickup a selected Parked call with Connected State options (time delay of a few seconds),

†††††††† "QuikPick" to pickup a selected Parked call without Connected State options, only Flash and Hang-up soft keys are included (no time delay),

†††††††† "Refresh" to update information displayed on the screen of the phone, with the most recent System Parked calls. (Please note that this screen does not automatically update, and only displays what was parked on the system at the time of accessing the Screen Based Park Pickup.)

†††††††† "Quit" to exit out of the Screen Based Park Pickup service


Dealer $124.95 for the AltiTouch Plus

Dealer $26 for the AltiTouch Plus upgrade


1) AltiPlus application is currently being provided by Sayson via download today; CD will be burned and distributed via 4.0a OE package and through Sayson by end of November.This is a reusable application and is not a controlled item.

2) AltiTouch Plus phones that can be purchased through distribution or basic AltiTouch 390 phone can be upgraded via dial up into Sayson tech after contacting Sayson tech for a password for the number of sets.604 730 1842ext 410 and password3) Three soft documents ship with the AltiPlus installer, a user guide, and a quick reference guide.


AltiGen: AltiWare 4.0a, Whitney 12 port PCI 12 port extension card is needed at the intercomed phone.

Sayson: AltiPlus server application and the phones.


How to purchase:

  1. Get the AltiPlus software from Sayson via download or CD through distribution.This includes documentation.
  2. Purchase the phones or upgrade license for the phones.

Where AltiTouch and AltiTouch Plus telephones are available through our current distribution channels:

†††††††† Ingram Micro

†††††††† Synnex†††††††††††

NFR Programs are available on the AltiTouch Plus upgrade kit only Contact David Sayson directly for details. 730-1842

Marketing Literature

AltiGen Communicationsí marketing department has created AltiGen AltiTouch collateral available to our dealers.The brochures include a comprehensive marketing overview of the AltiTouch and AltiTouch Plus telephones, along with a small photograph.

These items, plus many others can be ordered by visiting the AltiGen reseller web site ..


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