AudioCodes MP-202 Configuration Guide for 7.0 - AltiGen SIP Trunks

Updated February 17, 2015

This guide explains the how to configure the AudioCodes MP-202 Telephone Adapter for fax machines. These instructions apply only to systems using AltiGen-provided SIP Trunks via SIP Trunk Inc.

These instructions apply only to 7.0 systems using AltiGen-provided SIP Trunks.  

If you are configuring an MP-202 device for Release 7.0 on Workspace SIP Trunks, refer to Article #1108

If you are configuring an MP-202 device for Release 7.5, refer to Article #1151.

These instructions also apply to MAXCS 7.5 non-HMCP deployments.
In order to implement fax support, your environment must meet the following requirements:
  • You must have an AudioCodes MP-202 Telephone adapter
  • You will need to provision an additional SIP Trunk group for the adapter
  • You must have a dedicated public IP address assigned directly to the MP-202 adapter



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17th of February, 2015

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