Polycom IP Phone Configuration Guide MaxCS 8.0

Updated 12/5/2016; Workgroup Status Display feature is not supported for Polycom phones.
Updated 4/4/2016, corrected firmware version for SoundPoint 7000 model. Added warning about VVX phone models with self-signed (as opposed to factory-installed) certificates.
Updated 1/26/2016, noted that the feature "Dinstinctive Ringtone" is not supported on Polycom phones.
Updated 10/26/2015, to show how to enable the Polycom phone directory.

This document describes how to configure Polycom IP phones for MAXCS Release 8.0. It lists the limitations of using Polycom IP phones with AltiGen’s MaxCS system.  It also describes the Advanced Features available for various Polycom phone models.  Note that Polycom phones will not operate exactly the same way that AltiGen IP phones operate.


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13th of June, 2017

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